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September 11, 2023

Viously launches SONAR to predict the advertising engagement of video campaigns.

Video scaleup Viously has announced the launch of SONAR, a unique technology in the market that predicts the likelihood of engagement and viewership of video advertising content in a given placement. SONAR serves a dual purpose: significantly improving the performance of brand video campaigns, especially completion rates, and enhancing the user experience by reducing the number of unnecessary advertising solicitations.

SONAR cookieless technology, based on artificial intelligence, analyzes several hundred events per content page of a publisher in which the Viously video player is integrated in less than 10 milliseconds. This allows for scoring and predicting the expected engagement of a video advertisement at a given moment on a specific web page.

“SONAR enables us to engage in a virtuous circle that benefits everyone: improved performance for agencies and brands, optimized monetization for our publisher partners, and, of course, a better user experience — since the technology also helps us reduce the number of unnecessary advertising solicitations”, comments Loïc Dussart, co-founder of Viously.

SONAR has already been successfully tested by the agency Values Media for several of its clients. The activation of the SONAR technology immediately resulted in an average increase of over 10 points in completion rates.

SONAR is integrated into Viously’s advertising offering and is also made available to Viously’s publisher partners for their own benefit.