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October 10, 2023

Viously grabs the Best Sell Side technology at the European Video Awards.

Viously has won the award for the best sell side technology at the prestigious European Video Awards organised by Video Week.

We are elated with this achievement as it truly reflects our dedication and the market’s recognition of our efforts. This honor underscores Viously’s commitment to delivering best-in-class solutions for publishers and cements our reputation as a frontrunner in the industry.

Let’s explore the groundbreaking innovations that have positioned Viously at the pinnacle of sell side technology, making us the preferred choice for publishers.

Real-Time Analytics for Revenue Enhancement: At Viously, we understand the pivotal role of data-driven strategies for publishers. Our state-of-the-art analytics tool equips publishers with detailed real-time data at the URL level, surpassing the conventional domain level insights. This pioneering feature enables publishers to discern fill rates per URL and pinpoint pages devoid of video players, paving the way for augmented revenues. By grasping the performance metrics of each URL, publishers can make enlightened decisions and refine their video inventory with precision.

Discovery for Enhanced User Experience: Ensuring the delivery of pertinent and captivating videos is essential for an enriched user experience and retaining website visitors. Viously’s Discovery tool streamlines this task without the necessity for coding expertise. By uploading a publisher’s video catalog and utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, our system evaluates and prioritizes the videos, guaranteeing the most suitable video is showcased on the relevant page. This innovation considerably lightens the burden on editorial teams, simultaneously elevating content pertinence and user interaction.

Sonar technology : our machine learning optimization for effective campaign Management optimizes the worth of publishers’ video assets. Through AI-driven assessment and enhancement, Sonar ensures video campaigns achieve their ambitious goals without the need for extensive manual oversight by the publisher’s team. This indispensable tool allows operations teams to concentrate on significant tasks, meeting advertiser KPIs with an astounding 99.9% precision. By curtailing optimization efforts by 70%, Viously enables publishers to refine their processes and amplify revenues.

SEO-Friendly Video Player for Superior Performance: An agile and proficient video player is vital for an elevated user experience. Viously’s video player not only boosts page load times but also augments search engine optimization (SEO) and discoverability. As users linger longer on pages equipped with our optimized video players, publishers reap the benefits of enhanced SEO signals relayed to search engines, leading to a broader audience reach. Furthermore, extended user interaction with the video content translates to better key performance indicators (KPIs) for advertisers, culminating in increased revenue streams.

Viously stands out as the paramount choice for publishers aiming to escalate video revenues and fine-tune their video strategies on their platforms. Boasting robust real-time analytics, intuitive video discovery, machine learning-fueled optimization, and an SEO-optimized video player, Viously equips publishers to make informed decisions, uplift user satisfaction, streamline workflows, and generate greater revenues. By harnessing Viously’s trailblazing toolkit, publishers can realize their utmost potential in the dynamic digital arena and maintain a competitive edge.