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October 6, 2023

Introducing Our Two New Real-Time Features That Will Transform Publishers’ Lives.

We are in the process of developing the ultimate dashboard that allows publishers to finely control their video strategy in real time, leading to significant revenue optimization.

Two major real-time features have now been deployed on our partner publishers’ dashboards.

But first, why is “real time” crucial?

The average number of unique pages on a site with 2 million monthly unique visitors is over 170,000. It is evident that publishers cannot constantly monitor everything happening on their site. This is where technology truly shines, especially real-time technologies. Knowing what is happening on their site at any given moment enables publishers to react quickly, avoiding revenue losses and creating additional income.

Our Viously team has taken on a tremendous technological challenge.

Five developers worked for 9 months on the Dashboard project in general, with a particular focus on real-time functionalities.

Firstly, we developed an SDK that accurately analyzes various parameters, enabling our partners to maximize their player monetization performance. We are thus able to highlight the issues and advantages of certain player configurations for our partners:

  • Firstly, based on criteria defined by our experts,
  • But also according to market standards, such as Core Web Vitals or brand safety.

Subsequently, we deployed dozens of data servers to sort and access the massive amount of anonymous events collected (1 billion per day) in order to analyze player performance. These data are directly accessible to our partners via the Viously API, which complies with API standards.

Additionally, considering the short lifespan of a web page audience, we also provide real-time data to provide our partners with a means to act as quickly as possible on their audience to maximize their revenue.

Two major features to assist publishers in managing their video strategy in real time are:

1/ How does Viously help you identify pages without video players?

Every publisher knows the painful feeling of realizing that an article with high views lacks a video player. By the time they notice, they can still add the player, but the peak audience has passed along with the potential revenue.

Imagine a day without a player on a page that receives 500K visits at an RPM of €3; that’s €1500 in lost revenue.

Thanks to our new real-time feature, publishers know which pages lack a player and, of course, the audience of those pages. This enables them to react swiftly and optimize their revenue.

2/ How does Viously help you understand which pages are not brand safe for advertisers?

Unfortunate word combinations in an article can classify a page as not being brand safe for advertisers, negatively impacting overall advertising performance (display, video, native).

The same logic applies here. Publishers cannot keep an eye on all their pages continuously, and it is often challenging to know the criteria for classifying a page as brand safe or not for advertisers.

Our feature takes care of all that. It indicates the pages that are not safe for brands and highlights the factors that deem them unsafe for advertisers. And, as you might have guessed, it does so in real time. Publishers only need to make the necessary changes, and the page becomes safe for their audiences and advertising campaigns.

‍We are proud that these two new features take us even further for publishers and brands. We are actively working on many other new functionalities, and we will keep you informed in the coming months.