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October 4, 2023

Viously Enhancing the Performance of Magic Form’s VOL Campaigns.

The Magic Form group, a specialized fitness center network with over 70 clubs in France and Portugal, has partnered with Viously over a year ago to promote the brand and its services. With a dual communication objective of strengthening Magic Form’s brand awareness and generating performance (website traffic and online subscriptions).

Throughout this first year of collaboration, Viously’s advertising team has been able to tailor campaign broadcasts to match the brand’s various challenges and highlights, such as the “back-to-school” periods (January and September) and special offers (such as Valentine’s Day and Black Friday), even personalizing the brand’s advertisements based on these key moments and promotional offers.

What initially began with national brand communication campaigns has now expanded to include geolocation targeting with franchisees of specific fitness centers in certain cities in France and Portugal.

“Viously has shown great agility and responsiveness in setting up campaigns, often within tight deadlines, and with excellent performance. Beyond the campaigns themselves, we also appreciate the availability of their teams and the quality of the reports produced,” comments Christophe Mateus, CEO and co-founder of the brand.

“We are thrilled about this partnership and the trust placed in us by Magic Form. It is also an opportunity for us to emphasize that video serves not only branding objectives but can also address performance goals by adapting targeting and creative strategies to the brands’ objectives,” concludes Louis Landel, Sales Director at Viously.