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September 11, 2023

Viously announces the launch of a new offering, leveraging Scope3 data, to help decarbonize media and advertising.

Viously is pleased to announce the launch of a new offering, leveraging Scope3 data, to assist in the decarbonization of media and advertising. As a next-generation video player provider and advertising platform, Viously has partnered with Scope3 as the standard for measuring digital carbon emissions.

Through this collaboration, Viously will now be able to offer advertisers and agencies carbon-neutral campaigns through the introduction of a new Green Media Product (GMP) offering.

Green Media Products involve advertising on carbon-neutral media, where emissions are measured and offset through the purchase of high-quality carbon removal contributions. Scope3 provides daily emission measurement and manages the workflow for creating, tracking, and reporting GMPs and associated carbon removal contributions.

Scope3’s measurement will also help Viously support its publisher partners in monitoring and reducing their carbon footprint over time.

Viously is committed to continuing its education and exploration of responsible and sustainable media practices. Among its other efforts to reduce environmental impact are the design of unique video technologies that significantly decrease energy consumption, the use of green servers to minimize carbon emissions, and the repurposing of server energy to power local business areas in Northern France.

“Through this partnership with Scope3, we are excited to contribute to the necessary change in our industry by providing better solutions and carbon impact measurement standards”, says Loïc Dussart, Co-founder of Viously.

“The commitment of Viously to reduce the impact of advertising on the planet is significant, and their actions thus far make us enthusiastic about the value of this partnership for brands and marketing professionals,” says Harvin Gupta, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Scope3. “Viously’s investment in developing a video stack and comprehensive technological ecosystem that considers energy consumption, bandwidth, and environmental impact is precisely the relevant approach that will contribute to the decarbonization of digital advertising.”

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