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October 4, 2023

Viously and the Ad for Good® label join forces to promote responsible and solidarity-driven video advertising campaigns.

Startup Viously (video player and advertising platform) and the Ad for Good® label have announced a partnership that allows the agency’s clients, including media agencies, trading desks, and advertisers, to donate a portion of their media budgets invested with Viously to a charity of their choice.

To be eligible, campaigns must adhere to the Ad for Good® label’s charter, which can be found here: Any approved campaign will be displayed with the advertiser’s contribution to the chosen charity and the presence of the Ad for Good® label within the video advertisement.

Viously also commits to regularly contributing additional funds to support the chosen charity or its associated projects, as supported by the advertiser.

“This initiative aligns naturally with our company’s positioning and our desire to promote more responsible and solidarity-driven video advertising”, says Loïc Dussart, founder of Viously.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Viously and, beyond that, to share common values and commitment to positive actions for the planet and society”, concludes Shaï Douillet, founder of the Ad for Good® label.