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September 25, 2023

The Pyrenees Agency and KUDETA Choose Viously for Their End-of-Year Video Communication Campaign.

The Pyrenees Agency is launching a communication campaign for the end of the year, coinciding with the opening of the ski season, and has chosen the digital lever to promote its new video spot.

Devoted to the development, enhancement, and preservation of the entire Pyrenees mountain range, the Pyrenees Agency’s core mission is to promote the image of the Pyrenees as a major tourist destination and strengthen their attractiveness at the national and international levels.

Considering the central environmental component in the positioning of this renowned territory appreciated for its preserved character and exceptional biodiversity, the Pyrenees Agency pays special attention to the selection of its service providers and the implementation of its communication strategies. It is for this reason, and based on the recommendations of its marketing and communication consulting firm, KUDETA, that the Pyrenees Agency has chosen Viously as the exclusive digital media partner for its technology and its responsible approach to video communication.

“Viously not only allows us to reach our target audience effectively with strong media performance in this campaign but also aligns with our values and those of the brand in its responsible approach,” says Philippe Gaillard, President of KUDETA.
“We are delighted about this collaboration with the Pyrenees Agency and KUDETA. It goes beyond advertising activation and gives meaning to our actions and projects,” adds Louis Landel, Sales Director at Viously.