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October 4, 2023

Thanks to Carat, Microsoft optimizes the traffic of its video advertising campaigns with Viously and the “Preroll Sync” format.

Microsoft France offers regular training sessions and workshops to IT professionals throughout the year. These sessions are available for free upon registration and provide insights into the usage and benefits of Microsoft services and technologies.

Following the advice of their media agency Carat, a part of the dentsu group, the advertiser regularly communicates through digital media channels targeting specialized B2B audiences, including display, performance, and video. Specifically for video advertising, Microsoft France has recently been able to optimize audience engagement with their advertising messages by activating an advertising format that combines Preroll Video and Banner (known as “Preroll Sync”), offered by the advertising network.

According to Stacy Gao, Senior Consultant at Carat France, “We started with a testing phase for a Microsoft Workshop campaign, incorporating two video advertising formats: a traditional Preroll format and the Preroll Sync format. The overall campaign performance was quickly optimized thanks to this new format: click-through rates significantly improved (multiplied by 3) without compromising the excellent completion and visibility rates.”

“Beyond the creative combination of a video spot and a companion display banner, the format’s interest lies in the fact that the display banner can also remain on the screen after the exposure to the Preroll ad when the viewer is watching the publisher’s video content. This is made possible by our video player technology and has the effect of extending the opportunity for ad engagement and the total exposure time to the brand. We are delighted to demonstrate its effectiveness with Carat for Microsoft’s campaigns,” adds Loïc Dussart, co-founder of Viously.