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September 14, 2023

LSE takes back control of its video strategy with Viously

The Publisher LSE ( wanted to take back his video strategy with Viously by syndicating their relevant content while increasing the video revenues.

What was the problem ?

The existing video strategy on the LSE website was not effective and did not allow them to showcase their video content adequately. To address this issue, LSE chose Viously to help them take back control of the distribution of their video content and receive detailed advice on the strategy to implement to increase their video revenue.

What was the solution ?

First, we conducted a thorough study of all pages on the LSE website to identify those that generate the most recurring traffic and determine the most relevant video placements to maximize their impact on users.

We have also optimized the content and video formats to seamlessly integrate them into the website pages, aiming to maximize their performance.

Finally, our dashboard analytics tool has allowed us to track completion rates, viewability, and URL-specific time spent to gain a precise understanding of video performance on the website. Thanks to this, we have been able to estimate the results of this new strategy.

“After taking the time to listen and understand our constraints, the Viously teams were able to help us achieve our goal of optimizing our video strategy while maintaining a high-quality user experience. Their recommendations have already allowed us to increase the monetization of our inventory and offer a more complete user experience by broadcasting our video content in the appropriate context.” says Phil Thomas, Director at LSE.

What were the results?

The implementation of this tailored strategy allowed LSE to control the video content being distributed on their website, and thus improve the overall user experience. The implementation of this new strategy had a significant impact on the revenue generated from video inventory, which increased by 56% in just 2 months.

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