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September 25, 2023

Horyzon optimizes its video strategy and accelerates its revenue with Viously.

Started just a year ago, the collaboration between media group Horyzon and Viously’s video player technology is already a success. After the initial integration of Viously technology on the Onze Mondial website, Autonews quickly followed, and throughout the past year, But Football Club, Foot National, Le Blog Auto, Quinze Mondial, and Auto Moto also integrated the technology.

Horyzon, which had tested numerous partners and video technologies in recent years, had not yet found the right balance between a robust technological stack (addressing content proposition challenges, content hosting robustness, speed of response, and user experience) and the expected levels of advertising monetization. This has now been achieved with Viously.

“In just a few months, our fill rates and revenues have significantly increased”, confirms Stephan Huyvenaar, Associate Managing Director at Horyzon, who is “delighted with the relationship and support provided by Viously.” He adds that “one of the key strengths of the collaboration has also been Viously’s ability to adapt and seamlessly integrate with our existing technological setup to ensure a sustainable and smooth continuity of our overall operations.”

“It is a partnership based on trust with Horyzon, where we are both involved and motivated towards the same objectives: growing content and video audience, and achieving ambitious advertising revenues. Plus, we are pleased to build together a video content strategy that aligns with new video consumption habits and behaviors”, concludes Loïc Dussart, co-founder of Viously.