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September 11, 2023

Futura boosts its revenue with the Viously video player.

Futura, the publisher celebrating its 20th anniversary this year (, looks back on an almost 18-month collaboration with the start-up. Deployed throughout 2020 on all versions of the Futura website — desktop, mobile, tablet, and connected TV — the Viously video player delivered on its promises and even exceeded expectations.

“Before the technical deployment and any contractual commitment, the Viously team conducted a thorough audit of available video locations and content, ad clutter, audiences, and past, current, and expected RPM levels. They provided us with a series of recommendations to improve user experience and advertising perception,” recalls Guillaume Josse, Founder and CEO of Futura. “Then, they estimated the minimum upcoming revenue, which they surpassed in the first month, doubling our video revenue since then.”
“Beyond the technological product, we provide publishers with a relationship of trust and comprehensive support, addressing their challenges and adapting to the market’s numerous prerequisites and developments (CMP, brand safety, core web vitals, etc.),” says Loic Dussart, co-founder of Viously.

Viously’s technological suite now offers publishers an integrated “Player as a Service” solution, including the provision of the video player in optimized or custom versions, a marketplace for content production and connecting producers with distributors, the monetization of video ad placements, and additional services such as algorithmic features, real-time tracking dashboards with data visualization modules and revenue forecasts, and support services, among others.