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September 8, 2023

European video awards : Viously got nominated for the Best Sustainability solution

In this era of rapid technological advancements, sustainability has become a pressing concern. At Viously, we understand the significance of sustainability and have taken concrete steps to minimize our impact on the environment. By adopting innovative technologies and fostering partnerships with like-minded organizations, we are not only benefitting our own business but also empowering our partners to contribute to a greener future.

Responsible Content Storage:

Viously has formed a transformative partnership with CIV to reduce environmental impact. By leveraging CIV’s green datacenter, we can store our content on eco-friendly infrastructure powered by a free cooling system. This innovative approach maximizes energy efficiency while minimizing the carbon footprint associated with content hosting. Moreover, CIV’s system repurposes excess energy to power local business parks, contributing to sustainable development in the region. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and sets a new standard for responsible content hosting in the industry.

Reducing Resources, Consumption, and Emissions: Viously is dedicated to developing highly efficient video technologies that substantially reduce energy consumption. By creating a super fast video player, we have optimized the number of scripts required, resulting in a lighter load and decreased environmental impact. With fewer resources needed for loading, the overall consumption and energy usage of publishers, advertisers, and end users are significantly reduced.

Beyond our video player solution, we go the extra mile to help publishers optimize their page speed. By improving loading times, we contribute to a more seamless user experience while simultaneously promoting sustainability. Reduced page load times translates into lower energy consumption and a decreased carbon footprint across the digital landscape.

Moreover, our algorithms intelligently analyze the end user’s environment, considering factors such as connectivity, device, and browser. By delivering the most relevant video experience tailored to meet specific requirements, energy is saved not only within our operations but also across media sites and on users’ devices.

Supporting Sustainability through Partnerships: Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond its own operations. We actively collaborates with organizations such as Adforgood, Scope3, and Greenly, showcasing our dedication to decarbonization. These collaborations enable us and our clients to measure and compensate for the energy consumed during ad campaigns, as well as support our ongoing efforts to reduce overall energy consumption. Through Adforgood, we accurately measures the energy footprint of their ad campaigns, while Scope3 provides comprehensive carbon footprint management solutions to assess and monitor emissions. The partnership with Greenly helps us refine operations and optimize energy efficiency with a carbon audit. By aligning with these organizations, we ensures a holistic approach to sustainability, actively measuring, compensating, and reducing not only our but also our client’s environmental impact.

Continuous Education and Improvement: Education is a key aspect of our sustainable media practices. The company’s teams are consistently educated and encouraged to deepen their understanding of sustainability. Through ongoing exploration and learning, we aim to find new ways to make a positive difference, whether on a large or small scale. As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, all team members utilize reconditioned phones and laptops, and carbon responsible measures are implemented throughout the entire business.

By developing innovative technologies that reduce energy consumption, fostering partnerships with sustainability-focused organizations, promoting continuous education, and optimizing page speed, Viously is at the forefront of sustainable media practices. Through our commitment to minimizing their environmental impact, we exemplify the importance of integrating sustainability into every aspect of business operations.