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September 11, 2023

European video awards : Viously got nominated as Best sell side platform

Viously has been shortlisted as the best sell side technology at the well-known European Video Awards. This accolade highlights Viously’s excellence in providing cutting-edge solutions for publishers and solidifies our position as a leader in the field. Let’s deep dive into some of the main innovations that have propelled Viously to the forefront of sell side technology and made it the top choice for publishers.

Real-Time Analytics for Revenue Enhancement: Viously recognizes the importance of data-driven decision-making for publishers. Our best-in-class analytics tool empowers publishers with granular real-time data at the URL level, rather than just the domain level. This breakthrough capability allows publishers to gain insights into fill rates per URL and identify pages without video players, leading to increased revenues. By understanding the performance of each URL, publishers can make informed decisions and optimize their video inventory more effectively.

Discovery for Enhanced User Experience: Delivering relevant and engaging videos is paramount to enhancing user experience and keeping visitors on the website. Viously’s Discovery solution simplifies this process without requiring coding skills. By uploading a publisher’s video catalog and leveraging machine learning algorithms, our solution scores and ranks the available videos, ensuring the right video is displayed on the appropriate page. This technology significantly reduces the workload of editorial teams while improving content relevance and user engagement.

Machine Learning-Driven Optimization for Effective Campaign Management: Viously’s Sonar technology harnesses the power of machine learning to maximize the value of publishers’ video inventory. With AI-based measurement and optimization, Sonar ensures that video campaigns meet challenging targets without excessive manual intervention from the publisher’s team. This invaluable tool enables busy operations teams to focus on impactful work while achieving advertiser KPIs with 99.9% accuracy. By reducing optimization time by 70%, Viously empowers publishers to streamline their operations and drive higher revenues.

SEO-Friendly Video Player for Enhanced Performance: A fast and efficient video player is crucial for an improved user experience. Viously’s video player not only enhances page loading speed but also contributes to better search engine optimization (SEO) and improved discoverability. With users spending more time on pages with optimized video players, publishers benefit from better SEO signals sent to search engines, resulting in increased audience reach. Additionally, longer user engagement with the video content leads to improved key performance indicators (KPIs) for advertisers, ultimately driving higher revenues.

Viously emerges as the ultimate solution for publishers looking to increase video revenues and optimize their video strategy and performances on their websites. With powerful real-time analytics, seamless video discovery, machine learning-driven optimization, and an SEO-friendly video player, Viously empowers publishers to make data-driven decisions, enhance user experience, streamline operations, and drive higher revenues. By leveraging Viously’s innovative suite of tools, publishers can unlock their full potential in the competitive digital landscape and stay ahead of the curve.