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September 7, 2023

Essity and Viously Measure the Business Impact of VOL Campaigns.

The Demak’Up Bio brand (part of the Essity group) recently tested the granular post-test offering provided by the advertising agency, using the brand lift measurement solution from AudienceProject, a market research company based on technology.

More than a traditional advertising impact study, Viously offers the analysis of campaign results and post-test responses based on a granular set of advertising variables. The solution enables the identification of campaign indicators that positively (and negatively) influence “advertising recall/memorization,” “brand preference,” and “purchase intention” scores. Once identified, these indicators can be optimized within campaigns to improve the long-term impact on the brand and purchase intention towards the brand’s products.

Among the many criteria analyzed, the solution allows the determination of thresholds for completion rates and visibility that result in a significant impact on advertising recall, brand preference, and purchase intention. It also examines the impact of advertising clutter, ad position on the page, contextual environment, and video sound on the perception of the brand and its competitors.

“The granular post-test offering provided by Viously fits perfectly into our test and learn strategy, which aims to continuously learn about the needs of our consumers in order to improve the effectiveness of our media and digital activations. The initial findings are very insightful. They enable the analysis and management of video campaigns based on new indicators that are more closely aligned with the real challenges of brands and consumers,” commented Ollivier Monferran, Head of Media & Digital (France, Belgium, Italy).

“We are pleased to offer measurement solutions for the impact of video branding campaigns on more marketing and business-related KPIs for brands. The Essity group, in particular, offers a wide variety of brands, targets, and particularly interesting issues to analyze,” concluded Loïc Dussart, co-founder of Viously.