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September 8, 2023

Demotivateur Improves User Experience on Its Website with Viously and Boosts Audience and Advertising Revenue.

As a prominent media outlet targeting millennials on social media, Demotivateur has also made significant progress in increasing its audience and advertising revenue on its website.

“The collaboration with Viously’s video player two years ago made us realize the growth potential we could achieve. Our video audience and revenue quickly increased over the months (+100%). But above all, improving the user experience we offer to our communities across all our platforms has become central to our choices,” explains Ari Cohen, co-founder of Demotivateur.

In addition to installing the player on the publisher’s website, Viously conducted a comprehensive audit of the site’s user experience performance (loading time, interactivity, responsiveness, smooth navigation, mobile compatibility, etc.) and provided a series of recommendations that had a positive and lasting impact on all key site indicators.

“The trend is not just quantitative; it is also qualitative,” continues Ari Cohen. “The number of sessions and time spent on our site has also increased (+30 seconds per page), as well as our overall advertising campaign performance (improved by an average of +20%).”

“We are delighted to contribute to the daily success of Demotivateur in these areas and, more generally, to give strategic importance back to publishers’ websites alongside social media,” concludes Loïc Dussart, co-founder of Viously.