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October 10, 2023

Actirise Discovery: reinventing expertise in content recommendation

Content recommendation has long been an advertising format that generates a significant portion of publishers’ revenues.

Primarily based on a performance (pay-per-click) economic model, this format offers readers externally sponsored content, sometimes mixed with internal recommendations.

Actirise Discovery has set out with the mission to transcend the existing model, making recommendations not only strategic but also economically more relevant for publishers.

Actirise Discovery: What’s at Stake?

The primary challenge for Actirise Discovery was to decipher:

“Is a reader who continues to navigate a publisher’s website more profitable than one who turns to externally sponsored content?”

While this question might seem straightforward at first glance, it led Actirise to design a sophisticated algorithm.

The answer, after a series of technical innovations, is a resounding “yes.”

Actirise Discovery’s Algorithmic Intelligence

Where other platforms primarily rely on the click-through rate (CTR), Actirise Discovery stands out with one metric: revenue generated per URL. Using the precise data from Actirise Analytics on revenue per URL, the algorithm can establish a score associating the CTR with revenues.

This nuance, although subtle, has the power to radically transform the way content is recommended, maximizing profitability for publishers.

Harmonizing Advertising and Recommendation

Actirise Discovery blends display advertising (CPM) with content recommendations.

This combination ensures that the publisher generates revenue even when the reader chooses not to click on one of the offered contents.

Proven Performance

Revenue from the Format
On average, among publishers who have replaced a leading market content recommendation solution with Actirise Discovery, a revenue increase of +25% for the format has been observed.

Impact on Audience
A direct consequence of the internal content recommendations highlighted by Actirise Discovery is an average increase of +15% in page views observed among publishers who have integrated the format.

The average session duration of visitors is also impacted, increasing by an equivalent proportion of +10%.

Positive SEO Signals
Bounce rate and session duration are measures that impact search engines.

With Actirise Discovery’s goal of retaining visitors and thus, keeping the publishers’ audience on their website, these signals are significantly improved.

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