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December 18, 2023

Voxeus is releasing its new feature “Discovery” for all podcasts publishers

Voxeus is very proud to introduce its new feature “Discovery” at the beginning of 2024.

Discovery is made available to all Voxeus client publishers who are already using its monetization and audience amplification technology.

Discovery enables intelligent integration of podcast content within the article pages of publishers, thanks to semantic analysis of the page. With Discovery, publishers have access to a performance-oriented publishing tool, significantly increasing their audio audiences as well as their advertising inventory and associated revenues.

Several publishers have already implemented the Discovery solution in their podcast distribution on the web, such as the Prisma group.

According to Jérôme Guibaud, Head of Operations at Voxeus, “our team has developed a product that fully respects privacy and relies on semantic artificial intelligence. For publishers, this ‘Discovery’ feature by Voxeus is an essential element in any content publisher’s audio strategy deployment, seeking a quality audience and substantial revenues.”